Goodbye UOSM2008!

self test
Self test!

After years of essay writing, UOSM2008 has been a welcomed and refreshing change. This module has provided me with the skills to confidently enter a 21st century workplace, and has also given me the confidence to blog, which is something I’ve never done before.

I highlighted topic 3 as the one that spurred me into changing my online activities: I took inspiration from that weeks’ content and got to work on many of my online platforms…

Firstly, LINKEDIN:

As seen in my self-test, I had a LinkedIn account but didn’t know how to use it. Since studying this module I’ve been motivated to create a stronger and more professional online presence, and I first made changes on this social media platform:

topic6 1

Before the module I only had around 9 connections, and I didn’t have a picture. I managed to add some skills and gain some endorsements, and my profile is now rated as advanced! – But an aim for the future is to upload a more professional photo of me by myself!

topic6 2

Topic 3 also highlighted CONSISTENCY as a key element of a strong online presence. To remain consistent I made sure that my photo was the same across all of my ‘professional’ platforms, e.g. the TWITTER account I made for this module. –

topic6 3

I do have my own personal Twitter account which is just used for day-to-day life (which I keep private), so I was unsure of how to enter the world of ‘professional Twitter’. The module taught me to follow companies of interest, in order to get your name out there, and also to remain an open profile! Here I really got to understand the differences between personal and professional accounts, and it allowed me to apply the knowledge I gained from topic 2 on multiple online identities.

topic6 4

topic6 5

As you can see above I’ve made sure my personal accounts are totally private, but even so there’s nothing that would compromise the image I’ve portrayed on the professional accounts too.

All-in-all, I am beyond pleased with how this module has panned out, and what I have taken away from it. I now have a valuable skill set, an authentic online presence, and I also have my own blog that I can present which serves as proof of my knowledge of the digital world, and it can also set me apart from other people. I must admit that I had underestimated the amount I would learn on the module, from the age-related ethics of online recruitment, to the pros and cons of open access journals in the social sciences, and was also totally unsure of what to expect. I now feel fully equipped to live and work on the web, and my predominant goals for the future are:

  • To further develop my LinkedIn network.
  • Get a more professional photograph for my professional accounts.
  • Continue to follow companies of interest on Twitter.
  • Perhaps continue blogging on another topic of interest.
(Ludington Holistic Health, n.d.)

Thank you UOSM2008!

496 words.


Ludington Holistic Health (n.d.). – Future Goals. [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 May 2017].


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