Topic 5: Reflection

Having done this blogging activity five times, I’ve really learnt to consider my thought and learning processes when constructing a post/comment. I was able to consider this weeks topic on a personal level, because open access is something that benefits students massively.

Taking Lisa’s advice from her topic 4 overview, I thought about how could I present this topic as clearly as possible:

topic 5 arrows
Image created by the author to illustrate thought process.

I took this last blog as a chance to really create some thought-provoking comments, and also had some great conversations on my own blog – there were a few things I hadn’t previously thought about, as highlighted through Eloane and Jordan’s comments.

My thought process developed when I commented on Callum’s blog. I took this opportunity to extend my views:

topic 5 thought
Image created by author: how I developed my learning through research

His response furthered my learning as he mentioned green access – something I’d come across but didn’t manage to incorporate… this led me to do more research and overall confirmed my views

With the commenting on Charley’s blog I did a lot of research to come up with something that could further the learning of both of us. I didn’t quite get the level of conversation I had hoped for, but it was good to see other people’s views and opinions on the topic – I always try to link things back to my own positioning so it can illustrate my learning… that’s why I focused on open access within the social sciences.

Image result for open access in social science
Image: (Darley et al., 2014)

Overall I’ve learnt a lot about the ins and outs of open access, but I do believe my position as a student limits me to a specific viewpoint, and I was especially influenced through the open access video (Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD Comics), 2012).


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