Topic 4: Reflection

The topic this week was really thought-provoking as it’s such a far-reaching relationship to consider, and especially as I am exposed to these business tactics daily. I tried to take a broader approach at first by highlighting the main ethical challenges, and then specified further by giving examples, and I feel this was useful for my learning, and hopefully for others’ too.

topic 4 thought process image
Image created by author to illustrate thought process.

Through doing this I feel I made a good attempt to fully discuss most of the aspects of the topic, and it also gave me the chance to use various other resources and visual elements – 4/5 of which were self-created.

I also really enjoyed the commenting for this week as I myself am an avid social media user. The blogs I commented on massively added to my learning – I read many of the groups posts but I chose these two specifically, as they either highlighted something I hadn’t given much thought to, or extended a point featured within my own post and therefore allowed me to conduct more research around, and linked to the given topic.

Alexander’s post raised concerns about privacy and the collecting of data – I was unaware of much of what he wrote about, and it also allowed me to turn it back round onto the topic of health with further research – which is one of my main interests as a human geographer, thus making this a great learning experience.

topic 4 thought process image 2
Image created by author to illustrate learning process

Commenting on Patricia’s blog was really useful also as she essentially wrote an entire post about something I had only briefly mentioned, this being something that I’m personally exposed to on social media frequently, and am also really interested in.

The conversation with Patricia is actually one of the best I’ve had throughout the module, as we actually got a proper conversation going about the implications of online celebrity endorsements, so I feel that this (amongst other things) depicts progress as the module comes to an end!

(word count: 335)


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