Topic 3: Reflection

I didn’t quite realise just how much attention recruiters can pay to their prospective candidate’s online platforms – the Jobvite (2014) survey stats (although slightly outdated) really did surprise me. I’m really glad that this topic was set because it’s opened my eyes to a very relevant reality, especially as I’m about to embark on an important chapter of my life in terms of recruitment. I wouldn’t say my social media profiles were unprofessional, but they certainly weren’t the most professional they could have been, leading me to evaluate my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, so I found this topic really useful – I’m very aware now that something I post now could still get dug up in 2 years time!…consistent professionalism is key.

RECRUITER IMAGEImage created by author: What employers will look at to evaluate the professionalism of their candidates.

As a human geographer, I found myself more interested in what these professional profiles actually translate to in the real world, and questioned the ethical implications of them as tools for recruitment. Various readings led me to the topic of ageism within online recruitment, as older people are typically not as competent, or even present online.The discussion on this on Catherine’s blog made a connection to the first topic of digital residents and visitors, one that I hadn’t really thought about, so that’s helped me to look at the wider picture of ‘living and working on the web’. I didn’t get as much conversation as I’d hoped but I still maintain that those situated towards the visitor end of Le Cornu’s continuum are likely to be disadvantaged. Also, with the comment on Ausaf’s blog I focused again on the ‘unfair’ side of things, and he highlighted that online profile screening can be more trustworthy than CVs, and it’s not necessarily a means of ‘catching people out’.

Overall I’ve learnt that being professional online can be tricky business, especially striking the balance between being authentic and being private/not giving too much away. For next weeks blog I aim to make more original arguments and develop a personal viewpoint and continue creating different types of graphics.

(word count: 355)



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