Topic 2: Reflection

I found topic 2 to be a completely different ball game to topic 1. I felt it was a much broader concept, thus my blog-writing skills were really tested in order to cover as many aspects of the topic as possible. I feel I have progressed with this as I was able to incorporate multiple visuals within the post, solidifying my understanding of the topic and improving my skills within the module overall. I again utilised the posts of other members of the group, to lay the (simplified) foundations of the topic for me before diving right into the literature.  Both David and Rachel’s posts stood out to me, as they offered new points I hadn’t considered in regards to online identities.

Rachel’s post was unique to me as she really anchored it within her own personal experiences and allowed me to seek out thought-provoking articles concerning the social dangers of online identities. David’s post also made me ‘think outside the box’ and consider the impact of online identities within the arena of health.

Image result for online identity health

(Mobilia, 2016)

Both of these posts lifted topic 2 out of the hypothetical and placed it within reality for me. Before, I considered topic 1 and topic 2 to be rather descriptive, whereas after completing the post I was able to see the concepts of topic 1 and 2 within a ‘realistic’ light – I was able to apply them to real life examples, more so than I was before. As a social scientist (a human geographer who is predominantly interested in health geography) this really hit home with me and sparked my interest massively. Overall, I feel this topic has been really insightful, especially combined with the posts of others – interacting with David and Rachel’s blogs has furthered my learning significantly.

(word count: 295)


Mobilia, R. (2016) Online identity health-check. Available at: (Accessed: 4 March 2017).


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