Topic 1: Reflection

Topic 1 has already introduced me to a series of new concepts and theories. I had never heard of Prensky’s (2001) typologies before embarking upon this module, nor did I have any interest in following/using blogs. Thus, I can already say that this module has opened me up to a whole new method of learning, and a whole new body of literature and work.

I did find the method of blogging to be quite difficult to grasp at first – I think something I need to work on is striking the balance between formal ‘essay language’, and the concise, and more informal style of blogging. To get me started, I read many of the other blogs before submitting my topic 1 post. This helped with my writing style and also helped me to understand the concepts before reading the more academically written and complicated journals/publications. As a whole, I feel I’ve grasped a solid understanding of the natives/immigrants and residents/visitors theories. What helped me in particular was seeing all the visuals other members of the module had created. The visuals are something I particularly take notice of due to my particular style of learning, hence their influence on the comments I made on Harriet’s blog. The creation of info-graphics and visuals is one of the main areas I aim to improve throughout my time on the module.

Moreover, I feel that people’s own personal explanations of where they sat on the continuum between resident and visitor really helped to solidify my understanding of the topic. That’s what led me to the comment I posted on Scott‘s blog, as I hoped we could both benefit from the discussion it would create. I’m looking forward to the next topics as I feel I really benefited from the comments I made and the answers I received, and also the comment placed on my blog.

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